Annandale HVAC Contractor: Offering Cooling Solutions

If your house has "central air" or a "home comfort system", the services of a professional Annandale HVAC Contractor will be invaluable for you. HVAC stands for "heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning". It is alternately referred to as "climate control". Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning are essential for any house as it improves the quality of air inside the rooms, controls the temperature and air that flows throughout the house. If you find the air inside your house to be too hot, too cold, or too stuffy, you need the help of an Annandale HVAC Contractor.

There is a very simple method that an Annandale HVAC Contractor uses to control your home's air flow. A series of air ducts are installed throughout the building, delivering a continuous supply of fresh air as long as the HVAC system is turned on. Using a furnace or outdoor cooling unit, this air may be warmed or cooled. In addition, it filters and recycles the air in your homes, to keep them from getting stuffy. Your Annandale HVAC Contractor will determine what size HVAC system you need, and install all of the necessary equipment.

While most people understand the meaning and purpose of home heating & cooling, the modern need for effective ventilation is grossly misunderstood. Anybody who steps into your house will instantly be exposed to all the smells, smoke, dust, moisture, and airborne bacteria circulating inside your house. A professional Annandale HVAC Contractor can install a system for removing 'polluted' air outside of your home, as well as helping to circulate the air within. Prevention of prevent disease, improvement of the quality of indoor air, and keeping your house smelling fresh are some of the benefits of having a well ventilated house. You need to find a HVAC system that fits your requirements and an Annandale HVAC Contractor can take you through the different types of mechanical and forced-air ventilating systems, before you make a choice.

Control the Climate of your Home with an Annandale HVAC Contractor

Determining the size of the system your home needs is an important first step before you buy. A competent Annandale HVAC Contractor needs to consider many things to decide what is best for you. These include the size and type of your home, walls, and windows, whether your home has insulation (and, if so, the type and density), the condition of your basement and attic, and whether your home is oriented towards or away from the sun. A computerized system is used by the Annandale HVAC Contractor to calculate the heating and cooling needs of your rooms. This helps them make precise recommendations.

You might feel this counter productive to running a business. There is a general notion that an Annandale HVAC Contractor would get you to buy the most expensive HVAC system available. In fact, this wouldn't help your Annandale HVAC Contractor out at all! A big system will be incapable of removing sufficient amounts of moisture from the air as it works. Consequently, the air will leave you feeling sticky and humid, not cool and fresh. This is not a desirable situation as high moisture content in the air can cause mold and bacteria to thrive inside your home!

A large system will also turn itself on and off several times. This is called "short-cycling", and it will cause your system to break down quicker, as well as placing a hefty increase on your heating and cooling bills. Likewise, a system that's too small will run itself down very quickly, simply because it can't heat or cool the entire space - it would be running constantly in an effort to do so. So, if the Annandale HVAC Contractor did try to sell you "the biggest and the best", they would only be complicating your life and theirs with needless service calls. A qualified Annandale HVAC Contractor depends a lot on word-of-mouth that helps to get in more business. Therefore, they need to make sure that their customers are happy and completely satisfied with their heating and cooling solutions.

When Do You Need the Services of an Annandale HVAC Contractor?

You should contact a qualified Annandale HVAC Contractor any time your heating, cooling, or ventilation system is not working as desired, but in particular, there are several times when you need service ASAP. If your heating or cooling goes out during days when the temperatures are extreme, it could pose a health hazard for you. Rather than risk the health of your family, you should ask your Annandale HVAC Contractor to come over and work on the problem at the source.

If you have an outdoor heat pump, you should make a habit of checking on it during the winter months to ensure it isn't being negatively affected by the weather. If there is excessive ice or snow build-up, it can cause problems in the working of the pump or even freeze it solid. Your Annandale HVAC Contractor can keep it clean and functional, and come out to check on it whenever you need. Regular checks can prevent the need for major repair and complete replacements.

The Annandale HVAC Contractor who installed your ventilation system can service it too. It is not uncommon for bacteria, dust, and fungus to collect in your home's ductwork over a period of some time. This can aggravate asthma and allergies, and become a potential health hazard. When the ducts are in use, they can also cause the dust to be blown into the home, increasing your workload for cleaning your home. Getting the ducts cleaned by a qualified Annandale HVAC Contractor will help in the smoother functioning of your entire home heating & cooling system. This will lower your bills and make your equipment work longer.

Regular Service from Your Annandale HVAC Contractor & Its Benefits

Your entire HVAC system needs to be evaluated by a competent Annandale HVAC Contractor, at least two to four times a year. Spring and fall tune-ups keep the system in good working condition for the forthcoming seasons. Adjustments that are made in the off seasons ensure that the system runs dependably. If your HVAC system is healthy, your home is bound to be cleaner and more comfortable. If the system is kept running efficiently, you will see the savings you make in your power bills. Count on a skilled Annandale HVAC Contractor to prepare your system to perform reliably when you need it to.


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